How Our Conference Works and What to Expect

Our 2021 virtual event was a huge success with more delegates than ever attending our popular interactive conference. We are proud to be seen to set the bar high for virtual events in the way we seek to involve and engage our delegates, giving them a truly immersive experience.

The main presentations of the Conference are delivered on this Website and will be released following the timings in the Programme of Events. Once released, you don’t have to watch the presentations in order and you may watch them as many times as you choose. The presentations are available for 3 months (with extended viewing time of 4 months for Members of LCGB apart from Liz Brook’s presentation) for you to return to again and again.

On the 10th & 11th June we also have a live Virtual Conference Hall with special events going on for delegates including: Stalls; Posters; speaker interactions; an evening quiz; social areas; an Authors Room and even an Art Gallery! All of this is in our vibrant SpatialChat area where you can explore and interact in real time with other delegates, the LCGB team and all of our special guests. For more details on how to access this please refer to our Technical Handbook.

Finally, we will be using our closed Facebook Group to share information, have discussions and for even more virtual stalls. This space will be open for the full duration of the conference.

We welcome you to our 2022 Conference and hope you get inspiration from the informative presentations, a little buzz of oxytocin from meeting colleagues in SpatialChat and agree with us that what we are providing is ‘Virtually Unique’.